python programs

these are some python programs I made or am making
python file percent completed description
textimage.py 100% creates an image from a file filled with dashes or zeroes (textimage.ozi)
terminal.py 100% simulates a terminal with 3 basic commands: cd, edit, read
pygameterminal.py 100% opens an interactive terminal where you can draw on the pygame screen
quiz.py 100% a program for creating and taking a quiz
number.py 100% calculates 1 + 1/2 - 1/3 + 1/4... using n += 1/a - 1/(a + 1); a += 2; for every cycle
newworddict.py 100% a program to look up words from dictionary.json
guessnumber.py 100% the computer tries to guess what number you are thinking of using bisection search
mousedraw.py 100% draw with your mouse and save images using pygame
bettertime.py 85% uses a better time system I invented with base 10. I still have to put in leap year :-(
random.py 75% uses the equation B = (B ** P + O) % C to generate random numbers
fibonacci.py 100% calculates fibonacci numbers then saves to a file separated by newlines
unicode.py 75% generates a string of every* unicode character and saves them to a file *not all of them I am still working on it